4 Things to know about loving a Gemini woman

#1 We don’t like to be pressured. 

But ironically, we seem to prefer aggressive men. I know. A paradox.

We are attracted to tough, masculine men, who are aggressive in the way they live life, but not the way they approach their love with us. Gemini women love to be teased by a well-intentioned lover who will follow up the teasing with a reward.

In other words, be you. Let her see who you are and that you are open to her joining you, but don’t chase after her. Why not?

Geminis are energy butterflies and aggressive men are often drawn to that energy, because they are the ones least afraid of her. But most aggressive men leap out of the grass like a leopard to pounce and capture her. THAT does NOT work on a Gemini.

She can and will flip out of your grasp and flee.

The best strategy is to be a man who leads in your life, and invite her to enter. Most Geminis will hesitate long enough to examine the “situation” before entering. Just to be sure you’re not trying to tie her down or spring any traps. But once she’s there, she’ll make the PATIENCE more than worth it.

#2 We love to be challenged. 

Geminis do not get offended by debates or challenges to our opinions. We like to debate, and we like you to challenge us to support our points and to consider opposing points. You can compare it to how most men love football; we love intellectual super bowls.

Also, we love competitions for the sake of being in them, not necessarily to win, just to feel the rush and fun: video games, one-on-one basketball, chess, even something as silly as “who can build a house out of cards?”

#3 Our minds are incredibly active, so we like our homes to be peaceful. 

This is one of the most critical things to know about a Gemini woman. When we want energy and activity, we leave our houses for it. When we are in the sanctuary of our home, we DO NOT WANT chaos. Zero, zilch, nada.

Music, candles, watching movies, reading a book, even cleaning up our home or cooking are ways we find peace. No arguing, no nagging, God please no nagging in the home! The energy of that space is our recharge, and our reset button for our spirit.

#4 We are very physical creatures. 

Some people think since our mental hobbies are so favored, that we overlook the physical. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Massages, passionate “play,” cuddling, we love the sensations throughout. The entire physical connection is something to be savored and let every sense be enticed. Mixing in various sensations in different blends will draw every Gemini woman in.

Example: feeding her chocolate covered strawberries while kissing her neck, and while you’re wearing a cologne she loves! POW!

Example: whispering something passionate to her while rubbing her shoulders.

And these are all the reasons that loving a Gemini woman can be challenging for some, but the most fun you’ve ever had for others. 


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