Hey Pretty Girl




Hey there pretty girl, you too pretty to be crying

too pretty to be flying solo, too pretty to be so “aggressive”

Why you gotta be so “self expressive?”

Pretty girl, why don’t you smile more? What does a pretty girl got to be sad for?

You’re such a pretty girl

Your curves in those tights set me on fire

your eyes make me feel like an animal, uncontrollable

Pretty girl… I can’t help but want you

You know it’s your fault if I sexually assault

or think about deceiving your heart just to get inside… your parts

diary 3

Pretty girl… what you talking for?

This where the intelligent speak and

hey there you too pretty to know about these technical things

Too cute to be leading, go back to the poles it’s our lust that needs feeding

hey there pretty girl… pretty girl

let’s make babies so we can have more of these … pretty girls

Make Up Animation GIF by xavieralopez-downsized_large


Never knew the shape of my body or the look of my features

Was meant to be a barrier of protection

Tell that to the struggles Taking the proud way instead of the easy way

Not being that easy bait for some money throwing sperm slinger

Never knew that pretty opened doors or caught me before I hit the floor

Tell that to my bruises Worked hard as any man can With less than half the physical strength

Because I am fucking resilient Let’s get that straight.

I fight for the suffering

Nurture the growing

Hopefully my words and actions inspire the fire inside your soul so you can fly higher and your voice drops that passion healing onto all who hear you speak

I never used my pretty to get ahead,

Never used it as an easy ticket to being wed, to keep my child fed… I push through cuz

that’s what grandmama did with 8 more under the protection of her wings


Hey there pretty girl. This world aint gonna be no easier on you than the next,

but that’s okay

Cuz you got fire spiritual muscles to flex,

and make no mistakes

There aint no breaks that chocolate and some soulful music can’t fix

Let those tears flow onto whatever you wish, your cheeks nose, paper a canvas or a boxing bag

Come back to the words anytime you need a soul kiss

There inside the expression, lives your aggression, your passion, your power

The past has flowed on, the future is a myth, all we have is the present tense

So light it up with your magic baby girl Every last minute

Make Up Animation GIF by xavieralopez-downsized_large


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