From the Window to the Tree

Originally written May 8 2011 and inspired by Sarah Kay, who wrote a series of poems as love letters between two inanimate objects…


Even when I appear to be closed, I am seeing you clearly

like no obstruction exists

Mesmerized wtih the way you dance and occasionally

you send me a soft kiss, brushing a whisper of your touch along my exterior

and yea… i shiver everytime you push against me…

cause it takes a fierce passionate storm to bring us together…

only i worry that one day you might shatter me…

leaving me scattered at your feet

who will piece me back together then?

but u whisper your promise to never harm

and the sunlight passes through me giving warmth

and bringing you to life… I am mesmerized by your moves …

after all i am your captive audience, held into place inside this wall

i am entrapped and at your mercy

then again… so are you… held steadfast into the earth that feeds you

we are two, who are grounded, held captive

and i hope the storms that pass, only bring us closer

and that we have enough days of sunshine

to last a lifetime…

I am always observing you and I am see through, trasnparent

so you can see every inch of me…

and know that… I am yours.,, your admirer, for ever more..


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