Athlete’s Cry

(originally written May 8 2011)

I am an icon of strength to a city

the symbol that greatness is still possible

I embody the dreams of thousands screaming…

its maddening…

I can’t hear the beat of my own heart

so I serve this ball and court til I die honestly

cause I know nothing beyond the light and glamour

i hope it doesn’t abandon me…

cause i am human and this lifestyle has become my constant compasion

it’s not the groupie in the bed next to me that inspires

it’s the affection of masses who’d give up their HDTV to pawn shops

to get court side seats and get a whiff of me….

so i feel loved and I am addicted to Fame…

she is my lady…

but no one is more fickle than this dame…

yet i still can’t escape the game

cause my mind is trapped inside the ball and court

I am empty and she has filled me with … DISTRACTIONS…

So i serve her til I die…

I just hope she feels the same about me…


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