You See a Diamond, I See Her Pain

When I recently made it known that I do not want a diamond ring or anything for birthday, Valentine’s Day and not even for an engagement, some people weren’t really feeling where I was coming from entirely.

In fact, I made it clear I much prefer tattooing a ring on instead of wearing one for marriage. Some agreed but

when I said, “To me, it’s nothing more than a rock.”

some replied, “Yea but a rare rock.”

Maybe I didn’t make myself clear enough.

When I see those stones in the window of jewelry stores, I see Maria Tukamara (featured photo) and Marie Karoome (pictured below) both of whom had limbs removed by RUF forces over these rocks people give to each other, supposedly as a symbol for “Love.”

Look at this image.


Does it look like the person who hurt Marie Karoome was adding the energy of love onto that rock you rocking on your finger?

If you have enough money to buy me a diamond and you really want to make me happy, do me a favor and buy me a camera, or put money towards a down payment on a real estate investment, or something that can add value to our lives as opposed to buying something that REMOVES VALUE from the lives of our brothers and sisters in humanity.

At the end of the day though, even if the violence ended, diamonds are still nothing more than a rock to me.

The real precious gems in my heart, are people, like Maria and Marie, and the beautiful connections we all share..❤ Sending you love from over a thousand miles away.






In Response to

In Response to a white person who says they are losing their “rights” or “freedoms” or “way of life”

… When action are taken to decrease oppression, the formerly “privileged” often think the loss of that privilege is actually “reverse oppression”
You still got your rights.
Are you afraid to participate in life unless you’re the one holding almost all of the cards?
Good night Love

Great Women in History

I wrote about this for a newspaper around 2012, so I decided to write the research out and share it with any one who is interested.  The list is in honor of National Women’s HIstory month and International Women’s History Day…

Below I have short lists of women divided into 4 groups:

  1. leaders, 2. writers, 3. philosophers, and 4. educators and links for each if you want to get more names.🙂

Great Leaders:


BENAZIR BHUTTO of Pakistan. A woman who united her people to overthrow Gen. Musharaf.




Mbande Nzinga, Queen of Angola, 1582 – 1663. Led her people against the powerful Portuguese who were trying to enslave her people. A powerful military leader. She stood up to European powers in a way few others had at that time.


Indira Gandhi

Prime Minister of India, lived from  1917-1984



Nigerian Queen, 1560-1610

Known as a great military leader,

She also opened up trade routes to the south, enriching Zaria’s economy with gold, slaves and cola nuts.

For a longer list of women leaders from ancient times to present day, check out this link:


Great writers:

Harriett Beecher Stowe (1811-1896; U.S.A.)

Uncle Tom’s Cabin;  or, Life among the Lowly (first published 1851-1852)  


Charlotte Brontepen name:  Currer Bell (1816-1855; U.K.)

Jane Eyre (first published 1848)


Maya Angelou (any of her autobiographies and her poetry, especially I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings)


Tsitsi Dangarembga ~ Nervous Conditions 

See also Cora’s  African Authors: Tsitsi Dangarembga & Nervous Conditions


Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins (“Life Among the Paiute”—Native American writer)

Zora Neale Hurston (“Their Eyes Were Watching God”—Harlem Renaissance Writer)


Shirley Jackson (earlier Stephen King-type writer of short stories such as “The Lottery”)


For more info on great women writers, check this link out:



Great Women Philosophers:


Hypatia of Alexandria: C370-415AD

a leading mathematician and astronomer, she is thought to have taught ideas relating to different levels of reality and humanity’s ability to understand them. She seems to have believed that everything in the natural world emanates from “the one” – and that human beings lack the mental capacity fully to comprehend ult imate reality


Elizabeth Anscombe: 1919-2001

Oxbridge-rooted academic principally concerned with defining the actual nature of phenomena such as mind and morality,


Anne, Lady Conway: 1631-1679

Preoccupied with the question of substance – she doubted the existence of inert matter – she developed a God-based theory of nature as an integrated mental and material order


For more women philosophers, check out this link:


Great Women Educators:

Marjorie Lee Browne

Marjorie Lee Browne was one of the first black women to receive a doctorate in mathematics


Emily Davies

A profile of Emily Davies, British suffrage worker and educator.


Beatriz Galindo

Beatriz Galindo biography – profile of a tutor of Queen Isabella, Catherine of Aragon, and Juana the Mad.


Maria Mitchell

Maria Mitchell was the first professional woman astronomer in the United States and was a professor of astronomy at Vassar College.


For more women educators, check this link out:

I Hate You

(originally written in 2014)

I hate you

Yet I still don’t want to kill you

You slayer of humanity

You serial killer behind badges

NO better than sexual abusers

You destroyer of bodies

And sanity

Can’t walk street alone

Not cause of stranger in shadows

But because of you in blue who may or may not

See my skin or facial features

As threatening

My mother used to say

“If you hate, it means you want death on someone.”

So baby don’t say hate

elevate your reactions

seek out solutions

remember your mission

you’re much greater than the vengeful

My mother used to say

“you can dislike, detest, feel disgust

but never

permitted to verbalize this rage

his face blood stained nightmares i wake shaking

thisearthquake has a name and I can’t  say …

you say smile bless the world with that glow

but damn if the reality that today could be just another misery

for a family who meets the sunset minus

one they love

slain like fish in a bucket

so fuck it Yes I hate you

smiles are for times when the sunshine

doesn’t illuminate that his brown tone

could be his destruction

could be treated as WEAPON

he’s a deadly weapon walking

but you’re the only one killing

so Zimmerman stalking

no rights to walk freely

but I’m supposed to tame these flames

control the substances like drugs

take another hit of this

Xanax media atmosphere

their fumes blinding so many not seeing clear

they justifying the homicide

just so it’s not one of their kind

dead man walking

target on back

Kajeime Powell

Ramarley Graham

and Eric Garner

child or father

walking or talking is a deadly sin

Trayvon Martin

Jordan Davis

Jonathan Ferrell

And Cameron Tillman

Long line of more Emmet Tills

And Yes I fucking hate you!

Cause you show no sign of remorse

Or stopping

Deadly force is your habitual practice

My moma said hate is a death wish

But they’re not professing the emotion

Yet it’s death they’re dealing

So I think moma got it wrong

Cause hate is just a feeling

Reality is in the actions

So I hate you

But I still don’t want to kill you

And that is what separates

Us from You

Haunt me

(originally written either in 2011 or 2012)

words more than randomly selected …
touches perfected
… im romantically directed …
to your drum rhythms
… beat buh beating
my tempos captivated
… you spin me …
winning me .
.. you haunting me
just as much as you’re wanting me
… we gone be flaunting this love be
fore the year is thru.
.. you my rhythm
I’m your dancer
… together we groove …
baby you haunt me 


A short story – The answer is in the mountains

Excerpt of a writing written 11/20/2012 :
when I asked my grandfather a question sometimes, he’d give an answer that made sense to me… and other times, he’d just say “The answer is in the mountains.” …
… it wasn’t until the day he died that he told us what that meant…

…we would ask questions like ”where does the sun go at night???” and ”how do u keep ripe strawberries fresh?” and ”how long is too long to wait for an answer to a question?” and the biggest ”what is the purpose of life?’ and hed say The answer is

In the mountains..

My grandfather said the answer was inside of a story, and the story wasnt his, even though he was a part of it, so much as it was hers… she was raised in a town by the mountains… Nothing but sunshine in her soul.. But all that sunshine wasnt Enough to keep her warm that time she went on a search for the puppy that had gone missing the day before (yes this is a short story, for anyone who caught part 1 and 2 this morning)

Every one else had given up the search for the lost pet, but at 7 years old she couldn’t accept that he would meet the same fate as the sheep that had gone to the mountains and been trapped in the caves…
so she set out refusing to come back alone… was it the innocence of a child or was she just that courageous to set out on this mission??? He said “The answer was in…”

… My grandfather was 13 at the time and he was the servant for a soldier that was only 20 years old but he was the son of a general, and my grandfather was an orphan whose parent’s had died during an avalanche years ago…

He and the soldier were studying the mountains to see if there were any caves that could be used for storing weapons and supplies for the army…

… What they found was a small glossy statue of a girl and a small puppy… the soldier threw his blanket around her and screamed… My grandfather didn’t understand the scream and when he asked the soldier later on the trip back why he had screamed, the soldier simply said “When you’ve seen the evil of war, every innocent thing is made more precious.”
… By the time they returned to the village, the girl and the puppy had recovered, and the young soldier sat in peace… He vowed to protect her til his last breath… (to be continued)


Poetic Moment 1,234

(originally written Nov 12 2014)

my eyes closed so the movie of you can play back for me
scene by scene

you make love to me

with every move you make
in a hundred different ways…

i lose count of all the ways you amaze me …

he the gift
i’m the wrap
filling my life up

he releases and i unfold like waves

sliding back from the shore
he calms my tides
but soon as i recede,

i rush back, ready for more

… when you get loved in all the right ways
moments seem to last a beautiful lifetime

The Classroom

(originally written Aug 22, 2011)

My diary is my poetry, pages painted with thoughts and stories dripping like graffiti,

Some flowery poetic verse is not my kind, maybe more like glories and tragedies, a story of resurrection

And seeking the direction, a higher calling, got my cell up in the air seeking his signal at all costs

Cause I’m nothing outside of His classroom,


His class is just the same as all the rest, got homework assignments and several tests,

The seating chart changes and we think it’s random. Only he knows its not

There’s gum under the desk from the last student who had this spot

Wonder if it’s the reason he lost his location and now sits in the nose bleed section?


A ruler snap across my desk, cause God is the oldest of the old school teachers, and He’s letting me know in this class

There is no teacher’s pet, or pass or fail, there is only all of his children and we’ll stay til we’ve learned

The lessons well…


And we got the cliques just like high school too,


the know it alls telling all the rest the best way to live

Sit up straight, tuck in your shirt, comb your hair, and pay attention, but they’re so blinded they forget the most important step is to listen and question before you can even come close to understanding


The bully who thinks he runs this place right here, so he beats us so we’ll give in to fear, but he’s getting the smack down too, from you know who cause this is the teacher’s domain, and He’s the only one who can bring real pain…


The rebel who thinks he’s too cool for any of this, cause he knows more than any of us the reason we in this -ish… he leans back in his chair and waits, for God to show him some pearly gates, cause he aint hearing nothing til somebody shows him heaven, and so he misses out on all the evidence he’s been given


The scared student who is sometimes overwhelmed, hoping they are getting it right, self abusing about every wrong choice, and seeking His guidance at every turn, just hoping He’s hearing  their voice clearly, “let me recheck this connection… I think my tower might need some repair… “


And then there’s the calm student, the one who listens and takes diligent notes, pays attention not just to the teacher but to the lessons of the classmates too, sometimes laid back and peaceful, other times breaking stones and building castles… the Calm student just wants to find the right direction according to the teacher’s will…


What kind of student are you?


And who is pleasing to the Master?


The answer isn’t any of the above, only because it’s actually “all of the above.”

Cause He knows some take longer to understand,

but that’s ok cause we were created by His hand

and he knows best the nature of all creation,


there is no rush, no need to wonder or question His intent,

Cause with Him there is really “No Child Left Behind”,

all the students will grow in their own time,

so just listen, question, and live…


cause this life is the greatest gift the teacher could EVER give.