The Slow Ride to the High Rise

I know you mad about something in the news and baby I feel it too
But if you could just see the way your lips meet
I get so distracted every time you speak
I promise I’m listening

But your honey drip teases me from this place where
I plan to push my passion into

Tease with that taste

Swift slide by and walk away

Oh you aint talking no more? 

Guess you not mad

maybe your anger done switched gears to come at me

This sea is heated and rising

and your body is sliding over the dance of my waves

Are you ready to dive into the deep?
Be careful what you seek
You might forget to pull back out

See I’ve been teasing him for a month now
Reminding him what it means to crave
Down deep to his core
Got him daydreaming
Fiending for more

but you aint even had it yet

Now he sees permission in my eyes
So this time I let his hand rise above my thigh
He pauses like he’s not quite sure

So I slide one and then two
and he plays the piano inside of me
Studying the design
Finding his way to the spot that makes me sing in the key of E

Still no answer so he’s waiting for my direction

Kneeling before his high rise
The kiss of surrender he’s begging for me to give
Just just just one kiss
Just the tip he repeats
He tries saying please baby please
But actions speak louder than words,

so I’m gonna need to see how you bring that word to life
And please
Please my surface so earthquakes send shock waves
and tsunamis down my thighs
You want the pull of my love to bring you to your knees
I’m gonna give it to you in all the way fantasies keep you up at night
But this miss needs reciprocity

You give as you receive
So spin me strip me roll me

I’m a combination locked away surprise
By the morning
Your body and heart and soul will be mine


4 thoughts on “The Slow Ride to the High Rise

    1. LOL. I appreciate it. After the way yall said those so-called “sensual” poets were messing up, I had to write some new ones so I can school em .. this is just the beginning

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