The Answer???

I don’t know where the answers are. Some say look within, some say seek guidance,
read more, pray more, meditate more, drink more tea and eat vegan so you cleanse
out your system
but I’ve never found an end to the answers or the questions in any of these … so I”m not gonna tell you that the path leads to any conclusion or sense of closure… Life is not about closure
Maybe that’s the answer… That there are no ends to the paths that questions send us …
Slartibartfast said it best maybe, “Hang the sense of it,” and keep yourself busy. I’d much rather be happy than right any day.”
I’m pretty sure “hang” was a synonym for “fuck” so excuse my uncensored nature of communication in this moment, I hope you’re still with me.
Like I said, maybe in that is the answer to a better focus… don’t worry about being “right” about why we are here or why any of this has ever happened or existed, and just … chill.
The fact is… we are here. This existence is here. And unless we can create a time-warp-space-magic-dragon machine and go back to the beginning of it all and see it as eye witnesses, we’ll never understand it anyway.
Besides… just because we can ponder on the meaning of life and the energy that set this all into motion, doesn’t mean we ever have to find the answers.
STOP pressuring yourself to find the answers.
Somewhere in the universe is a species that lives longer than we do, maybe up to 1000 years and I assure you that even 1000 years is not enough time to unravel it… so TURN OFF that seeking.
I know it’s easier said than done and you will return back to it a million times over. Here’s a confession… I still find myself lost in that abyss sometimes too.
And when I speak to myself I say, Love you aint God. You are a beautiful sweet human and if you stay in this abyss looking for the answers, you’ll miss out on all the things you were designed to enjoy and do.
Let God do what’s God’s work to do, and you… just be you.
Just be you.
That’s all you can do.
Enjoy the ice cream. Play in the sunshine. Rain down tears like hurricanes in July. Scream. Love. Dance. Read. Put your feet into the ocean and sing to your mother-auntie-sister the sea. She longs to kiss your toes and let you know that as long as she’s been here, there has been nothing more sweet than moments where you just don’t give a damn about anything but the present and the essence of you and the salt water sunshine birdsong summer lemony air that flows into and out of your being.
Being… just being is the purpose.
Being here.
Being connected.
Being solo.
Being a free spirited expression of you.
just being.
just be
and when you find your way back into the abyss… wave at me because I might just be in there too. And we’ll look up together way up above, and the sunlight and star sparkles will smile down on us like they have over billions of other souls who’ve done the same.
And they’ll let us know, they are steady and unmoving and they’ll be missing our sparkle-glittery-souls for whatever amount of time we stay in the dark of questions…
and when we rise up like sparrows and doves into the clouds our starlight brothers and sisters will welcome us warmly as they always do.
just be
just be
just… be…

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