Is Gen Z a problem or a blessing?

Maybe I’m kind of biased because I gave birth to a Gen Z baby in 2006 but, I like to think it makes me kind of an expert so … let’s talk about it.

Generation Z is barely in their teen years, and already everybody is reeling to identify their traits and figure them out. As a Gen Y (now called Millenial) I remember the same thing happening to us as teens.

And what I recall is… a lot of it was wrong about who we would be as adults, while some pieces got it right.

But that’s the point: You can’t describe a generation at 11 to 15 and expect them to be just that way by the time they’re 25 to 30.

George Beall wrote an article like this and here’s what he got right and what he got wrong.

diary 2

George wrote “How Generation Z Differs from Millennials” (link at the bottom of this post)

  1. He says they are “Less Focused”… Could that be because they are… I dunno, prepubescent and hormonal typical teens???

3. They don’t look for Bargains … Ummm maybe because they are still somebody’s child and don’t have to worry about that much yet.


6. Beall says that “Gen Z Has Higher Expectations Than Millennials” when it comes to brands and businesses, saying they want the brand to be loyal and attend to them. Yea… so again.. tell me how this isn’t just another typical facet of being a teen?

Most 12 year olds expected a lot to be ready and available and hated when they didn’t get their way. I’ve never known 12 year olds to be cool with not getting what they expected.


But let’s not be too hard on Beall…

I think he got the following right about our beautiful Gen Zs. 

     2. Better Multi-Taskers  – one upside of all that tech and having to balance school and family and friends, this generation knows how to keep a great workflow going.

4. Gen Z is Full of Early Starters – With so much easy access to information, Gen Z has a tendency to seek their own opportunities. After all, they never had to wait for info or suggestions. If they had a question, the answers and education were right at their finger tips.

5. Gen Z Is More Entrepreneurial – once again, that access to info and resources, plus hearing Millenials talk about the recession and drama of the Bush years, these teens are already starting up businesses or learning to and will surely be a great economic force of independence (I  hope) once they reach adulthood.

7. Gen Z Is Big On Individuality – This is one I’m not totally convinced on though since a lot of teens want to stand out but I will say that Gen Z does enjoy and even support each other in their self-expression and right to be different and walk to their own beat.

On the other hand I have heard some stories of the opposite being just as true, so the jury is still out on this one.

8. Gen Z Is More Global – without a doubt, Gen Z is way more global. Again, this was shaped by the access to info and music and communication with people all over the world.



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I think this generation is gonna kick ass! They’re global focused, self-starters, who know how to multi-task, enjoy starting their own businesses and being creative and free-spirited.

By the time they outgrow the angst and have to face financial responsibilities, they’ll drop those negative aspects mentioned at the top and in my opinion, Gen Z is one to watch with pride.

I am my sister I am me who are you

Original article available here:



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