I Am Cancer (poem)

I Am Cancer

Contrary to popular opinion I am not normal.

I am not some common phenomenon like evolution or the random chance break down of DNA replication.

Let’s drop all this scientific rhetoric and get down to it

I am your worst nightmare.

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My abnormal cells swell into your most luxurious real estate.  (grab chest and crotch)

Sometimes with the right toxic waste products I slide across natural waterways into your veins

And quite literally drain the fucking life outta you.

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Mmm… that was damn good.

From the industrial plants next door to your neighborhood

to the chemicals you let these mother fuckers put into your food

… I am Cancer and you feed me so well.

What I don’t understand is how you still don’t put any of these great plans into action

Environmentalists, activists, even physicians and United Nations leaders

They all been saying the same damn thing… but apparently the loss of husbands, wives, sons, daughters, infants who can’t even breathe safely, they wheeze and cry with agony

But oh that industry does feed your wallet so well… doesn’t it?

You know I remember the dark days of widespread agriculture

When your grannies and pappies used to grow their own veggies

and somebody always had fresh eggs and cheese within your home’s vicinity

Water was treated with safety in mind and there was little need for the toxicity to sustain a life, food in the kitchen, clothes on your back, and housing

Yea those were dark days for me.

Under natural conditions the chance of me growing were slim.

But now industry got you thinking I’m a necessary cost to provide you with internet, all the phones you can get and chemical infused products are worth the risks if it lets food last for weeks.

Oh I dread my Armageddon when finally someone reminds you …. Those industry bitches are lying!

You never needed them before. They need you more. Cuz without your willingness to bend over and take it, they couldn’t make it. They’d have to get all safe and shit.

If they wanted to make money off of you, they’d actually have to treat you right. Like providing you with food that doesn’t poison you, drinking water and fresh air that doesn’t turn your blood into a sewage waste dump

And then I’d be crumbling lonely, almost non-existent.

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But… thankfully you’ve proven to be a bunch of robotic slave drone bitches…

Willing to cry and wail as one after another of your sweet loved ones is invaded by me. Raided by me, an enemy of your internal state.

While you waste millions to prevent terrorism from nations that have no intention on invasion… I’m daily invading your system. It’s like a spa day for me every day.

But I’m not the terrorist. I’m just the crumbling buildings and death and destruction in the aftermath.

You’ve got all these CEOs to thank for that.

It’s good to be me.

But it ain’t so good to be you.

I am Cancer. A serial killer. Terrorist.

WWIII is already hear love. And it’s your own corporations leading the genocide.

I’m just coming along for the ride.

(All art work by Xaveria Lopez – See more here https://giphy.com/xavieralopez )

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