3 Ways to Make Money WITH Your Credit

Hello Loves,

Let me tell you a story.

Jim and Jane want to start a business, but they need money to get it started.

Mike and Tia want to buy a home, but they also need money.

Yulisa wants to start up a homeschool program but she needs supplies and a location, so she also needs money.

Their solution is the same: using their credit to get what they need.



That’s it.

They are investing in you and your idea.

They have to know they can trust you to pay back (with interest of course) the money they lend AND they have to believe that your idea can actually allow you to pay them back.

So you need only 2 things to start making money from your credit:

a stronger credit score

a good idea


Chances are you have an idea, otherwise, you would not have come to this post wondering. If it’s a business, you’ll of course have to do the proper market research and create a well-organized business plan, understand your competition, etc.

And that’s all do-able I assure you.

For those who want to buy real estate or start a side-hustle like a homeschool, the process is a little less involved on the front end before you go to the bank.

You’ll just have to prove your income and some good credit habits. DON’T LEAVE. You can do that.

All 3 of you: business start-ups, side-hustlers, and future real estate owners.

Click HERE to learn how to REBUILD YOUR CREDIT. 

Remember that’s all the bank is really looking at: your credit habits AND your idea. They’ll invest in you. There’s no tricks to it.

Ready? Yes… Yes you are.


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