Good Sex Versus Bad Sex – Part 2 of 4

Who you f***ing? LOL.

Hey a crude way to start this off but… i bet you laughed a little.

So why is PARTNER SELECTION important?

If all you want is a quick unfulfilling rushed climax, then it’s not important.

BUT if you really want great sex, then it’s completely important and indispensable for you to choose well AND TO PACE YOUR PROGRESSION TO FIRST SEXUAL EXPERIENCE TOGETHER. (Choosing when to first be sexual with a new partner will be in Part 3 )

But for now… what do I think you need to pay attention to when choosing whom to lay with?

Let’s start with the most obvious:  Have you and they been tested for HIV and Herpes and HPV? 

This should go without saying: Get a damn lab report and show each other your statuses. Even condoms break BUT ALSO Herpes and HPV do not need genital connection to be transmitted. Oral contact and skin-to-skin contact can transmit these and NO you don’t need a break out to transmit it.

It literally scares the f*** outta me, how many grown ass people I know that have never been tested OR that sleep with others with no protection and don’t bother getting the lab report.

Get the lab report, use condoms, and play safely dammit.

Next: Do they give a f*** about who you are and how you’re living? 

the reality is we are undoubtedly influenced by the energies of those we spend time with and even moreso  those we lay with. You ever noticed how when you are surrounded by negative people who don’t care about you, you feel drained or cynical? Then when you are around supportive and genuine people, you feel lifted?

It’s the same with sexual partners, and maybe even moreso. This goes for men and women, though men are less likely to admit it or pay attention to their overall sense of well-being on this level.

I’m sure if you’ve had more than a few partners, you’ve noticed a difference in the energy of your mental state afterward. If not you should really try developing a higher level of intimacy and closeness with a partner before having sex with them to understand the benefits.

If you don’t start doing this, you will NEVER have the highest level of sexual pleasure. Yea, you’ll think you have, but Love any one who’s gone there with someone can tell you, you have NO IDEA.

Final Question to Ask: What kinda past baggage and trauma are they carrying in their spirit?

Just like having people around you who don’t really care about you, having negative mentally f***ed up people around you drains your energy and depletes your experience. And on a spiritual level, sex leads to the swapping of spiritual energies, just as much as bodily fluids. So yea, you can also get your spirit sick without proper “protections.”

When it comes to sex, a wounded or traumatized person cannot sync up with you and enjoy it fully and neither can you.

On the other hand, let’s say you have some decent sex with this wounded person, chances are there will be some sort of drama or discomfort or at least something will happen during or some time in the months following that will throw you for a loop.

It’s just safer overall to get clarity on what they’ve recently dealt with and any long term trauma they’re still impacted by before you connect with them.

IN OTHER WORDS: Have you gotten the Carfax Report on your lover before you connected sexually?

STDs, Do they give a f*** about you, What kind of mechanical malfunctions do they have? Will they leave you stranded on the side of the road, lose a tire and run you off into a ditch?

Click HERE to read Part 3 about how the timing of the first sexual encounter matters and how that practice can be used to stimulate GREAT SEX for the long term as well. 

You can read Part 1 by clicking HERE. to read about how SEX can empower and heal you and your partner.




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