Good Sex Versus Bad Sex – Part 1 of 4

I hate to disappoint, but this isn’t about whether or not your partner is satisfied with your performance.

This is about something a little different:  Empowerment of self

Now, how does sex lead to self-empowerment? This is about to get interesting. 

Hindus and Buddhists have long taught about the importance of the root chakra. For those not familiar, the Charkras are the spiritual epicenters of every human. Even some biologists have identified the importance of the nervous system related to the locations of the chakras, so there’s even science to support this.

Each of the chakras is important to overall physical health, which supports the idea of the mind-body or spirit-to-body connection.

But this post is all about the ROOT CHAKRA. It’s the root dammit. If the root of a plant is sick or damaged, the whole  plant is weakened.

So that means, the SEX you have is a major factor in setting your whole life right.


Some people consume porn way too much, some people run through sexual partners without much consideration, even some in committed relationships half-ass the sex they have completely OBLIVIOUS of how important SEX-QUALITY is, not just for the powerful pleasure you are being denied, but also the health benefits that sex can give.

I’m not trying to tell you what to do. F*** who you want.

Do what you want with consensual partners. BUT if you want to try an experience that will give you a high AND make you the best lover to others, as well as inspire their greatest performance for your benefit… then KEEP READING this post and the other posts in this series.

Don’t freak out. You know you masturbate. Start there.

After you release, try this. Slide your fingertips and fingernails over your abdomen, your thighs and your arms and hands.Next slide your fingertips across your neck and face.

You will literally feel the energy of your climax move across your body. If not, are you sure you climaxed?  If you didn’t, try again.

But notice that rush of a sensation and the healing feeling you got from that!!! When a person climaxes, there is a rush of hormones that are healing for the body. Climax literally EXERCISES your hormone system. The system that LITERALLY manages all of your body’s functions, from kidneys to heart, to digestive, to immunity… ALL OF IT.

By moving your hands over your body after a climax, you are moving those hormones and the sensations around, LITERALLY CLEARING away the path and keeping things flowing smoothly.

Not to mention… it just feels GOOD.

Now, the next time you are with your partner and they climax, do  this to them. And have them to the same to you. 

If you climax very near together in time, you’ll both be high on it, but that makes it even more fun to move that energy between you.

If you two are still physically “attached” LOL, then stay that way and do this… 

move your hands around each other simultaneously. Even an atheist who does not believe in “spirit” will feel the biological benefits, so indulge in this together.

In part 2, we’ll talk about “partner selection” but I wanted to start with this one because it’s a fun thing to test out. Click HERE to read Part 2. 







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