My Letter to Love (1) – inspired by Collateral Beauty


You are quite frankly one of the most beautiful elements in the universe. I don’t know if you only exist on Earth or not, but I sure hope that in some way the stars are allowed to love, and I hope that if there is any other life form beyond Earth, that it also has the capacity to Love.

I Pity Those Who See You Where You Are Not, and Those Who Refuse to Acknowledge You in the Places That You Are

One of the things I never understood was people who act like they can prevent their own feelings of Love for another. They act like somehow even while interacting with someone that they can block you from developing.

On the other hand, I also feel pity for the ones who imagine you exist in places that you do not.

Love your name is often taken in vain as it is given to other elements like Obsession, In-Loves, Dependency, etc.

There are so many times that a person is dependent on someone else for happiness and so they imagine their desire for the other is Love, when it’s nothing more than dependency. Or those who are determined to possess the presence of the other person, and they say “I need you here because I love you,”

… only they don’t treat this person with love, they don’t make choices that provide positively for the person’s life path, and yet they will say the same thing, “I need you here because I love you.”

But you know who really grind my gears? People who talk about being “in love” but have no idea what it actually means.

These are the ones who say they are “in love” and love a person. Then if things go wrong they say “well I love you but I’m not “in love” with you.”

Love, how dare they even attach a name such as yours onto that feeling of “in love?” Any one who’s ever felt it knows that being “in love” is more similar to passion. So maybe we need to say we are “in passion” LOL.

And I think the real reason the “in love” feeling changes is because people have mislabeled it to begin with They assume as long as they are feeding the love connection, they should remain “in love,” but love you have nothing to do with the presence of passion.

Love you are the desire to uplift, to protect. You are the river connecting two land masses as they build bridges of greatness, but Passion is that thing that brings a rush of heat at times, Passion is the excitement and the PLAYFULNESS.

Why Love are you blamed for the loss of that “in love” feeling when THE LOVERS ARE THE ONES NEGLECTING THE PASSION???

and Why.? Why does any one neglect the passion? and then the ones who neglected passion blame you for leaving or diminishing but you have not left. So long as there are bridges of connection, there is love, and the more they build the stronger that love bond is.

Til Next Time Love…

So to all those reading this letter, AN EASY THING YOU CAN DO to preserve the Love and the Passion is to understand that the two are separate elements, water and fire. You need one for Life (Love) and the other for Warmth (Passion). It’s your actions that determine how much you have of them.


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