Journey of a Thousand Dates Ep 3: When the fall makes you dizzy

“Damn she’s… she’s EVERYTHING!”

She loves to cook she keeps me smiling, she… she gets my body so high I … it’s just ecstasy.

She has no drama. She handles her business.


I could muh… wait what?

Nooooo… huh? I just finalized my divorce. This can’t be happening right now… not now.

But why not? I mean she’s legit everything I’ve ever said I wanted.

But what if I mess it up. I don’t think I can handle another relationship ending badly… not now.

Look at her though. Come here girl.

Mmmm she smells so good and her booty is so soft against me.

I’m just gonna lay here and hold her til she gotta get up. Look how she’s looking at me. Is… Is she in…. love?

I can’t do this. I’m gonna hurt her.  I need to backup but… I can’t tell her that. How do I tell her that? She’s all love… all the way sweet.

I’m… I’m just gonna fade out… and maybe she’ll understand.

(exit stage left)


Is he okay?

Hello?… Did he really just disappear out of my space? Now what the hell did I do to him?

Couldn’t have been nothing wrong. He never stopped smiling when we were together… and he was calling me almost every day.

Now it’s been a week and he hasn’t sent a message not a call, not a … nada.

He got me all the way f***ed up if he thinks I’m gonna try to reach out to him…. Old trifling ass behavior

Boy Bye.


(a few months later)


I have to say I”m sorry for how I exited. I was starting to fall and I wasn’t ready for that …I thought I’d date a few girls and then start looking for the “one.” I didn’t expect to meet someone like you that fast… so I’m sorry.

Mmm hmmm


I forgive you but I don’t trust you.

Can I try to make it right?

We’ll see … but I’m dating someone else so, if it works out with him, you have no chance. Are you still willing to try?


(to be continued)


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