I was asked to stay home…

Unless there is another life in my womb, I cannot stay home. I have faced enough and witnessed enough to know that when faced with a challenge or potential danger, you have the choice between walking away or FINDING A WAY.

I won’t walk face first into a fire, but I will walk close enough to throw some water on that bih.

I will walk close enough to the heat to pull out the wounded.

I can’t say for certain where the next few years will take us, but I can say that unless another life is tied to the survival of my body, I will be there.

Beyond that… our children have to live in the world that remains long after we do. If our ancestors sat aside to allow things to just “go on their own” or to develop without our intrusion, where would we be?

I WILL BE THERE, so I apologize to those who will worry. I was not designed for side lines.

(and remember this… This place is already on fire, and it wasn’t us who started it. We’re just the ones who have to survive and build despite it and HOPEFULLY the ones to stop the destruction.

Peace. Salam. Om.


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