Diary of a Homeschool Mom: It’s easier than you think

Hey Love,

My message is always to Empower by REMINDING people of the innate power so many people are unaware of OR that they are afraid to use.

The first part of this post is about revolutionizing our lives and the second part is about EDUCATION and how to make home school easy.

Much of modern society has created a feeling of RELIANCE on the government or some other system to provide education health justice and more. What we know now is that we are the bosses and must EXERT our will on to these systems, or else it will run rampant and harm us.

DISCLAIMER: I support public education. My choice of home school does not change that. We MUST HAVE  a free and quality public education system in order for our people to thrive.

However, if these systems are to SERVE US , we must make our demands CLEAR and refuse to accept less than what we deserve.


We rely on grocery stores, many which are connected to international corporations for food that could be grown in our own city or towns for much cheaper and without oppressing farmers around the world.

We rely on a capitalist health care system that has for years focused on profits over improved methods of care that nurture people.

We rely on a court system that HAS BEEN PROVEN to harass and imprison INNOCENT PEOPLE more often than the guilty. A system that leaves us open to assault since much of its resources are aimed at jailing the easiest target and less on preventing crime before it happens.

We rely on schools to provide education and that have effectively made parents feel that they are not “experts” on their own children.


This is even more of a common issue in black and brown communities, where outsiders act more like authoritarian baby sitters than servants of the community.

ONE OF THE CENTRAL FACETS OF REVOLUTION IS EDUCATION,  and I advocate for more and more people to find ways to take control of their children’s education. While we pressure state’s to change curricula, those of us WHO CAN, NEED TO choose the home school option to make a bold statement:


Home school is far easier than you may realize.

To start with, visit https://www.louisianabelieves.com/schools/home-study   to register your child with the state as a homeschool student. The form takes a few minutes to complete, and there is no need to communicate with the state thereafter.

Next, notify your child’s school of the change in their enrollment. You have to do this so they can change their records as well. This makes it official that your child will no longer be in the public school system.

Third you’ll need education resources to organize your child’s lessons. You can either form a parent co-op with other parents to take turns teaching, OR you an locate a tutor or a small home school group and pay a monthly fee for someone to teach your children, OR you could just arrange it all yourself. This option works well for middle and high school students, since they need less supervision.

And YES, your child will still be able to get a state recognized high school diploma. As long as they can pass the same state tests that other students do, they receive their diploma and are eligible for college.

Also you can choose to home school until high school and allow them to get a diploma that way if you wish.

THERE ARE MANY OPTIONS and that’s what’s great about this.


Below are several I have located and that my daughter’s home school director from last year found and use. I’ll write more about these later.

Basically, you get to choose what and when your child learns. I would have it no other way.


Is school really the only option your kid has to be social? Of course not. Sports, dance, art, the kids of your friends, etc are all social options for a parent. My daughter loves yoga and dance, so she interacts with kids in these settings.

School dances??? Why? Why is that even a thing to worry about missing? Those are a total western invention. My daughter can dance in Congo square or learn drums at Ashe Cultural Center and learn dance and history at the Tekrema Center. THESE SPACES NURTURE HER ROOTS AND HER FUTURE.

THE GOAL OF EDUCATION is the nurturing of the mind and setting a foundation for the future. Let your decisions be aimed at THAT. What do you want your child to value? What traits does your child need to be successful? Mae a list of these things and arrange his/her education to provide these things.

UP NEXT: I’ll discuss more about each of these resources and how to organize a curriculum for your child.


History and ELA on this site:   https://lpb.pbslearningmedia.org/

Math and Science textbooks – FREE on Kindle by CK-12
Other resoruces:
LearnBoost – grading
RubiStar – rubric building
Engage NY – math curriculum
MyHistro – timeline creator
Teachers Pay Teachers – Lesson & activity plans (many are paid, but for a small amount, and there are free lessons as well)
PBS.com – Has great resources for history and politics
MIT Open CourseWare – tons of free college courses from MIT
HistoryIsAWeapon.com – Lots of historic accounts by people of color, also Howard Zinn’s book for free
CK-12 – free textbooks, teachers versions, quizzes, unit tests, etc. Their textbooks books are available for free on Amazon for Kindles
math-aids.com – endless free, customizable math worksheets. Like.. truly endless.
http://www.corestandards.org/read-the-standards/ – Common Core Universal Standards. Note that these could be different from Louisianas standards, but Louisiana adopted at least the ones listed here. For subjects aside from Math and ELA, visit https://www.louisianabelieves.com/resources/library/academic-standards.

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