Tell The Trump and Jong Un Man-Babies To Go Here

Trump says “fire and fury” will be brought to North Korea… ON WHOSE BACK?

I’m sick and f***ing tired of our friends and family being drug from one battleground to the next, losing their physical and mental health, losing time with family, scarred and bruised and maimed and … DEAD

I’m tired of civilians being decimated, their homes destroyed, their blood and bones spilled on their own homelands

all for the pursuit if a f***ing board game played by heartless and spineless people like Trump and Jong Un.

Let’s throw Trump and Jong Un into a ring for MMA and let the 2 man-babies fight it out.

They are one and the same. Spoiled rich kids with daddy issues

Let those who support these 2 meet in the midst of a desert, with their swords and bayonets, and let them fight it out. Let that battle be something that only endangers their lives and leaves the rest of us in PEACE to BUILD AND NURTURE each other and our planet.

Let their flesh rot and be food for the vultures and scavengers away from our eyes. 

We’ve got real GLOBALLY impacting needs, health, environment, agriculture, education, etc.

Take your petty man-baby fits to the time out corner and punch each other in the face.



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