Video: A Poem for Londyn Samuels

The first poem in the video below was inspired by Londyn Samuels, a 1 year old killed in her babysitter’s arms by a shooter.

Read her story and see the photos that inspired the lines in the poem:

From the article, here is some of what her father said during his speech at  Londyn’s funeral:

“She had such a beautiful smile,” he said as he fought back tears in a ceremony that drew New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and City Council members Jackie Clarkson and LaToya Cantrell. “She could make you feel better on your worst day. If I was feeling down, she would come right to me, lay her little head on my chest, and I would instantly feel better. She was pure joy.”

“Her first words were ‘Dada’; I was there to see her first steps. I am truly blessed. Just always remember the way that million-dollar smile made you feel. Londyn wouldn’t want us to be sad because she was never sad. She would want us to be happy.”

Rest in innocence, passion, and love, Londyn.


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