He asked what my greatest fear is… and I lied


He asked what my greatest fear is… and I lied cuz we were in mixed company

and I don’t reveal my inner world easily

… so here’s my truth in the word from my heart

Tell me why should I give to you these things you want

Haunting my dreams cuz I am fearful of lost time perhaps beyond all things

Tick marks on calendars A path of treasure markers stretching back into some infinite past

Only under these X’s are empty chests No words exchanged, no hands held, no laughter

Tell Pandora don’t bother opening these locked boxes

Empty like carcass … graveyard of time lost No resuscitation possible

CPR is pointless Put away the electric shocks

Love didn’t live here

My greatest fear is the close of another day lost that could have been ours

these hours Like Louisiana showers in June

They soak my shoes through, Toss the black locs about my head, wrap themselves around me like ropes,

I am bound

screaming here on hallowed ground

The moments have died and I can’t bring them back

to life


mind heart


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