Have you ever held something so beautiful that


Have you ever held something so beautiful you’d die to protect it?

Not just it’s physical perfection, but the glittery firelight sunburst of a spiritual essence…

A butterfly fairy angel whose bright eyes and soft hugs can heal any wounds

Have you ever been wrapped in the light so brilliant and soothing that you’d go to any heights to balance an environment for it’s uninhibited ability to bounce across existence

ever spent years baptizing the soil and clearing the garden of any unwanted debris and any who bring chaos YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN THIS SPACE

because this brilliant light of the all-mighty universal source is the greatest gift this life could ever be blessed with

These spirits of love, compassion, creative passion fires that shape this existence to reflect what spirit sings

… She is my everything BUT she is not the only beauty I seek to protect…

You are that brilliant glittery light I love too… and the universal spirit is singing to you like the child, offspring, young tree that you are to He or She or It … whatever pronoun you wish

You are worthy of growth and exploration Worthy of loving kisses and hugs, worthy of declaring your existence inside whatever art form you wish

This life my Love … It is your garden of Eden and the serpent will creep into your soil a time or two or more… but remind him OF EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE



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