When was the last time you were black?

Hi Mr. and Mrs. All Lives Matter

Hi to you Team “If the person died or was bombed they must have deserved it”

unless they were white then…. you know… let’s all sing Swing Low and fall down and weep

Hey to you of the crew who feels anyone who doesn’t look like you probably met an end that was justified

When was the last time you were black? Please educate me on your experience when you were Arabic, and when did your wife rock the hijab as a part of her religion?

Tell me when were you ever knee deep in poverty so thick you’d face death in the heat of desert just to get a job picking fruit for the same people who don’t want to treat you as a human.

Was it last year? or a decade back?

Tell me… when was the last time you were Black, Mexican, Arabic, Honduran, Haitian or Syrian refugee?

Tell me all about how you know the experience of all these things… you’ve NEVER…. FUCKING … LIVED

I like when my doctor’s had no medical training and my president… is a bumbling … idiot who offends and insults the majority of … Americans and treats… the role as leader of our nation… like a reality …. TV… spot….

Oh I get it.

Your way of life must be based on making decisions and demands like the President you supported

with no fucking knowledge or experience required

I wish this was the Apprentice right now… Cuz there’s a hell of alot of people who need to be fired



3 thoughts on “When was the last time you were black?

    1. I appreciate it. Those who don’t see the difference between how one victim is treated compared to the next is harming our efforts to develop a more secure and equal nation.
      We can’t truly address problems until we stop blaming some “other” or “bogeyman” image that a leader or business entity creates to further their own agenda

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