What if you went there?

what if you went there? that place you never went, the place you called a myth, legend, fairy tale concocted combination of elements meant to entice hearts to lead hands to pockets so they drop a few bills to feed a hunger for… connection

Connection … what if you went there?

Dropped that fear cause it’s a barrier to elevation. We of the “trust issues” nation let past betrayals, past disappointments win over our soul’s mission to unite with another.

It’s not that we should be open to all… Hell nah… But we should be open to the possibility that someone will seek elevation in a partnership… We climb beyond those levels we could reach alone

Muscles well formed from years of carrying this weight solo. I’m just observing the flex of your muscles, observing the determination and drive you pull forward to climb up and over, to build with what’s available.

Everybody got similar internal attributes. I observe to see who is using what… THAT’S the true reflection of where you’ve been, who you’ve become, where you will go, and what we can become together… and is that union a higher level for BOTH of us than if we went on… solo… so low? Duo? Do grow?




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