Will she always be “anonymous”?

What would you do?

Were you ever in Lenn’s shoes?

Were you ever Anonymous?

… “No she’s not …”

“Why do you like her then?” Angie wasn’t buying his previous explanation.

“Leave that man alone. He knows what he likes.” Ric was usually the peacekeeper in these situations.

“She’s happy … genuinely happy. Everytime I see her she’s smiling or reading or listening to music…” Lenn looked back over at the anonymous girl’s table and smiled.

“How do you know she’s not smiling about her kidnapped ex-boyfriend she has locked in her closet, and she could be reading about torture techniques, and maybe she’s not listening to music. She might be listening to the audio of his screams from her dark dungeon of suffering.” Angie was really half-playing but part of her was serious.

Angie had watched Lenn choose wrong woman after wrong woman. Ric knew in a twisted way she was right to be concerned but he didn’t like telling his friends what to do with their bodies or their hearts, so he only shook his head.

“Stop playing Angie.” Lenn was still looking toward the girl.

“I’m not saying she’s likely a killer or kidnapper… what I’m saying is, you’ve already created this daydream around her and you haven’t even spoken to her yet!” Angie’s scolding hit him a little deeper this time.

Lenn looked back over at the anonymous girl, who caught his eye this time and nodded in recognition of his attention.

She slipped her books slowly back into her bag, closed her laptop, put away her headphones, and played with the touch screen of her phone… waiting… waiting…

but then finally rising to her feet, walking in the direction of Lenn, Angie and Ric’s table

Lenn tensed up, his breath caught in his throat, Ric noticed his reaction and sat up straight. Angie was looking back at the menu so she missed it all.

Anonymous glided right behind Lenn’s chair with a smile, letting her soft, gauzy scarf brush against the back of his neck. Sparks of tingles shivered their way across his body and he leaped up to his feet startling Angie and Ric who both looked at him in schock. Ric’s look said, “Yea, go get her.” Angie’s look said, “Is there a bug on the table?”

Lenn looked toward the door just as Anonymous reached it. She turned to look back one time and…

(to be continued)

What are the outcomes of this moment?

What would you do?

Were you ever in Lenn’s shoes?

Were you ever Anonymous?


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