The Sexiest Thing a Man Can Do


Some men only speak “booty”

The sexiest thing a man can do is:  Pay Attention.


The dry way of explaining it is that it shows strength and appreciation.

The exciting way: It makes the heavenly waters flow to know a man can see past your ASSets.

It shows strength because you are able to override or at least simultaneously appreciate the shape of her curves while also wanting to care for her in all possible ways. It shows appreciation for her as a prize, as a person worthy of being treated with some love and consideration.

Restated in the exciting way:

She knows you are more likely to attend to her every need. That loving you will be a MULTI-SENSORY experience instead of just one.


He hears or reads what she wants and delivers that.

Women are actually more straight forward than some men realize. Some men only speak “booty” and so they’ll hear what the booty asks for but not the mind, the heart, the shoulders, the tears or the arms.

A man who pays attention hears when she says her shoulders hurt, and rubs them with the intent to actually relieve her pain.

A man who pays attention sees that she often buys dark chocolate, and buys it for her once in a while, just to give her a smile.

A man who pays attention knows that to catch her heart and get the full “booty” and “loving” benefits he needs to show her heart THAT IT IS SAFE WITH HIM. and he does what it takes to make that happen.

Now pause for a minute… Not every woman you come across will be deserving of that from you in that moment. BUT ALL WOMEN ARE WORTHY OF RESPECT. Play nicely and safely with the hearts of women, fellas. Don’t draw out her heart to get to the booty if you have no intention on keeping it happy and whole in your care.

So in other words if you plan to play and exit, be clear about that. Don’t give loving attention if you don’t plan on being around for long.

The sexiest thing a man can do is pay attention

Paying attention to what she does and creates, to her moods and her ways,

and before he is her man …

he pays attention to learn the way she moves through life before he approaches to ask for her heart.

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