Devil got your tongue?


“What if the devil came out and I cut you?”


Smooth rum goes down with a little heat but she liked the burn. Not a soft chick by any means, and most men loved that about her: the ones who were just her boys and the ones who wanted more.

Their circle flowed like little kids at the playground, sometimes 10 deep and other time 3 or 4. Tonight 5 of the fellas joined 2 of the girls, and in times like these, the girls knew no other men would approach unless invited directly.

“Why you won’t sing with me?”

“Cause you gonna play like you don’t know the words.”

“I got alcohol depleted memory right now.”

“It aint too depleted if you using that kinda vocabulary.”

That’s how these nights usually went. No drama. All chill and laughs. So it caught her off guard when she heard… “So which one of em you fucking?”

No one else heard it, lucky for the speaker, because he said it directly into her ear. That voice rang real familiar and when she turned he stumbled back a bit knowing that look meant he just f***ed up.

“Let me show you …. where you got me fucked up at.”

At this point, the rest of the crew turned to pay attention, monitoring to make sure nothing out of hand popped off.

“You must be the dumbest dude when it comes to women. You quick to fall head first into the lap of a vampire chick draining the life outta you… but you come at me sideways.

I’m the type of woman that gives a man LIFE. But you like the pain though right?… so that’s what you gonna get cuz you sure don’t know how to recognize OR maintain something with a woman like me.”

She paused to let the words marinate. These two had dated a year before and she never made it easy, gave him no indication that she was anything but worthy of the best. And when he messed it up, she checked his ass and sent him into the corner of “bitch I wish you would say something.”

I guess he didn’t learn.

“Now you over here assuming I’m fucking somebody… but why do you care? I aint fucking you. One thing other men realize about me is… I actually give a fuck about other people… about the world… I actually ADD to their lives. I aint the type to be played with and if your vision can’t see that, then I think you need to ask your eye doctor for a new prescription.”

She turned to end the conversation but … he said

“I didn’t mean it like that though.”

“Oh you still got me confused for somebody else… My bad I thought you were talking to me.”

When she turned this time, he didn’t say any more.

Message: If you can’t see the level of value in another person, maybe you need to hire an independent appraiser.


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