She Couldn’t Save This One

Some events become metaphors as a life extends forward.

She loved the way grass tickles the bottom of bare feet. She grazed her 10 year old skin over the crisp warm grass and nature sent a breeze to play in her bouncy hair. Serenity.

This peace was broken by a sharp, piercing squeal and rumble of thunderous growls. She sprinted in the direction of the chaos, unsure of what she’d find but wanting to end the madness and protect.

Turning the corner of the wooden fence she saw the 2 largest of the family dogs greedily snapping and ramming their heads at something in the corner of the fence. The squeal repeated and she recognized that language. It was the same sound she’d heard when the fragile baby pigs became startled.

With no thought of what harm those sharp canine fangs could have done, she grabbed both of their necks and pulled with all her might. Tears flowed and she yelled in anger, growling almost as fiercely as the animals she was fighting to defeat.

A powerful arm wrapped around her waist and tossed her softly onto the crisp grass. A gun blast echoed into the air and the two ravenous beasts fled in opposite directions. Between the brown leather boots of her uncle she saw their victim. Small, alone and … dying.

Her uncle lifted the tiny animal and together they wrapped it in a towel to give it some warmth. She sang and patted its small neck, hoping that this baby could find some peace and love at the end of its short life.

Ever since she has had no patience for the bloodthirsty chaos that lurks and attacks. And she grew sick of catching the wounded, like the infants she saw falling by thousands in a nightmare when she was 12. She longed to prevent the violence, to prevent the neglect, to have her songs be cheers as God’s angels danced through full lives instead of plummeting into the mud and an early demise.

She climbs the mountain to reach the clouds and hopes she can teach them how to open and trust the spread of their own wings. Teach them to flex their claws and frighten away their attackers. They say teach a man to fish, so he can live.

She says teach them all to fight, defend and believe and act on their WORTH, in order that all  humanity can thrive.

Some events become metaphors as a life extends forward.



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