I don’t wear my heart, it consumes me

I don’t wear my  heart on my sleeve

I swim inside its waters

You can’t find my heart looking inside this physical form

I am fragile, self-sacrificial, willing to give my all like Isa (Jesus) but it’s this vision I am willing to die for its salvation

willing to suffer wounds and carry battle scars for the calling tattooed on this heart that has expanded to consume my entire being

My desires are second to the mission of uplifting this existence

I care not for the petty distractions or worldly expectations

The mountain cannot bow to the wind no matter how the wind may howl… cannot lower its gaze, cannot doubt its reach, the Eagle cannot doubt the spread of its wings, or hesitate in its own power to glide beyond the horizon …

I can’t carry this heart inside. It’s the home where the entirety of my soul resides.

I will love even if loving means letting the phoenix burn or the flood wash away so that the new growth can break through the surface of the Earth.

I am easy to love, but never easy to understand, the same way minds react to this existence… and the world that surrounds man


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