Someone asked why I don’t acknowledge a certain someone on a certain holiday

In simplest terms: I don’t believe in acknowledging substandard effort.

I acknowledge the ones who remain consistently present and active, the ones who sacrifice on a regular basis to ensure that the financial and emotional needs of their children are met.

I acknowledge those who devote to their child the way I do and the way many others I know do.

So No I will not acknowledge substandard effort on any day. Because to do so is first of all, unwarranted and second of all, is a disrespect to all those who go above and beyond.

So what I will do is send my gratitude to my Dad, who stepped into my life in the absence of my biological father to ensure I had all I needed to thrive. And likewise, to all the amazing representations of fatherhood, protection and provision. Your efforts and presence are appreciated, respected and acknowledged.

And to all those who don’t receive praise from me and others like me on this day, if you want the accolades: EARN THEM.



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