Being Realistic About Encouraging Quotes

I am writing in an effort to be REALISTIC about the encouragement we get in life: When you hear someone speak a motto or philosophy, remember that WORDS alone cannot bring you to your vision or goal.

So let’s be realistic about the phrase: You can achieve anything you can envision.


There is nothing wrong with you as you are. You are always free to remain in your current state if you choose. There is nothing wrong with this.

The only error is in going into a challenge or a new path UNPREPARED. It is foolish to enter a project or task or long term vision without the necessary skills and resources BEFOREHAND.

Can you be present and accounted for when your presence is needed? Can you carry the weight of others when they are wounded? Can you maintain a stable level of existence? Do you have what you need to build the structure and sustain it? The energy, resources and the skills…

There is never anything wrong with you as you are. You are free to remain in whatever zone of comfort you wish. But in order to gain the things you dream and desire, you must have and do what that requires.

Otherwise, BE HUMBLE and admit you are not ready for this. Not yet.

You are trying to ascend this mountain and reach a beautiful peak. Don’t start the climb until your body and resources and skills are ready. But remember, there is nothing wrong with remaining where you are on the mountain. No one is required to change who they are. Your only requirement in this life is to BREATHE.


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