How these are and are not connected: Love, Lust, In-Love, Commitment


Think about this:

You can be committed to someone you do not love or lust.

You can lust someone you will never commit to.

You can be in-love with more than one person.

You can lust and love someone and never be committed to them.

In other words, NONE of these is an indicator that the others exist. Each of these is only known by certain actions.

Love – requires compassionate actions

Lust – sexual desire and possibly activity if both agree to express it

In-love – a certain level of attention for instance

Committed – being present for good and bad times or other frequent level of focus and attention


While you can love, lust, and/or be “in-love” with more than one person, being COMMITTED to more than one person is virtually impossible.

Those who have tried are guilty of neglecting one or both or more of those they are committed to because when you are attending to the needs of one, you are innately neglecting the needs of the other or others.

In life, we don’t necessarily choose who we love, lust, or feel “in love” with. These things are the result of a combination between biology and social interaction that create them. We choose whether or not to express them in actions, but not to feel them.

What we do choose is who and what we are committed to.

Be sure you commit to someone you love or else you’ll spend years devoting your energy to someone that will never return to you the same as you give.

Invest your commitment WHERE YOUR HEART LEADS YOU.

To those tied into commitments with those they do not love, I send my condolences to your hearts for their suffering.

To the rest of you… Love and Lust wisely *wink*


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