Women are NOT complicated.

The following information can be applied to ANY WOMAN who is able to work, care for a family, and overall has survived as an adult for any amount of time.

Let’s be clear. I’m done with being called “difficult” and “complicated.”

Men have said we are complicated for years, decades, maybe even centuries. And while there are a few of us that are truly unbearable, there are no more unbearable women than the number of unbearable men.

All other perceptions of difference are cultural or family upbringing.

AND SINCE WHEN ARE MEN EASY TO GET ALONG WITH? You’re only simple to yourself because you’ve been with you from birth.

So let me break it down for ALL MEN the same way I do in my book.  Keeping a woman happy is as simple as this:

Be honest.

Maintain your financial responsibility.

Be consistent.


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