(originally written April 19, 2014)

My lips drip passion

The curves and dip of my chest

Hypnotize you.

I am the ancient snake charmer…

following my seductive gyrations

The subtle rise and fall of my hips

In rhythm to the beat of nature.

I am the eternal power to seduce and mesmerize.

If you want to drink my passion,

If you want to be bathed in my waters,

You must first pass the examination … physical and mental.


Pied piper charmed children into submission

But the ripple and glide of my hip holds dominion

Over millions… of those who wish to be… Man.

These silken drapes of hair.

Follow this ebony path framing deepest eyes and

Lips like luscious flesh of ambrosia…

The food of the gods.

those at the peak and their reflection on the underneath where your deepest fantasies reside

Follow the path as my hair kisses the

Meeting of my supple neck to the rise of my shoulder.

A few strands lie lazily at the meeting of my breasts

Where you wish your head could rest.

Surrounded by the blanket of my heat.


As I lay across the fantasy in your mind

See how the silken locks wrap gracefully about my hips

and tease you with the suggestion of what lies beneath.


my power is my mystery,

it’s the secret that lies… at the “meeting of my thighs”

the maze of questions inside your mind and the relief of answers only found inside of mine 

like wendy’s kiss, mona lisa’s smile, Scheherazade 1000 mysteries, cleopatra’s seduction… the power that just is what it is with no need for assistance to validate its existence 

these are the evidence of the undefined, uncontrollable power of the feminine…

even in its supposed oppression it is still the ultimate power.

it is the never-ending mystery.


but i can hold you and embrace you.

I can gift you with my love. i can birth you and nurture you,

i can fulfill your burning desire.

I am a muse,

inspiring you to great feats,

I am a symbol of your passion

… the catalyst of your greatest ambitions…

embrace me,

love me,

respect me

… and I will return the favor.

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