In Response to Tomi Lahren’s criticism of the Women’s March

Let’s  be clear: It’s about more than just grabbing pussies.

In response to Tomi Lahren saying that the Women’s March told little girls around the world that they can play the victim card…

Slow deep breath and begin

Tell that to the 11 and 13 year old girls from my family (now adult women) who were raped for years by their step father. If there are any cards to be played, any one who has been harmed has the right to “play it.” But Tomi, THIS IS NOT A GAME.

and we are not playing cards, checkers or even hopscotch.

When the far right said “grab em by the pussy” was just “locker room talk” Bull shit. He said when you are a celebrity they let you get away with it.

The message was clear: when you’re in a position of power or authority you can use it as you wish, no matter how any one else feels about it.

THAT’S the society he supports and you dare to follow and support him?

I have no issue with your standard Republican, the John McCain’s and John Kasich types. The one who have a typical conservative stance and approach to politics.

But Trump is NOT a representation of that part of the Republican party. This man will disregard civil rights abuses, environmental science, and any thing that might prevent the expansion of his pockets.

But you’re not stupid. I know you have to be able to see that his policy has very little to do with anything that supports Americans.

Let’s take his approach to NAFTA and immigrants from Mexico.

NAFTA did not weaken the US economy. It weakened the Mexican economy because the small producers of that nation could not compete with the economic giant of the US market.

Mexican immigrants have been coming and going across that border since long before the US even existed and they’ve never stopped. In fact, economists have shown NO SIGNS that their movements and actions in the US have done anything BUT BENEFIT the US economy.

But here’s the thing: if you really don’t want that many Mexican immigrants entering, then here’s something Republicans can suggest: BALANCE THE COMPETITION ON THE FREE TRADE MARKETS.

Oh wait… that’s right. If they actually made sure that Mexican companies were on equal playing field they’d lose some of their profits.

So Tomi, what you see on the surface level is the propaganda that demonizes the Mexican immigrant population. It says they are a disease or problem on the US. But what they don’t show you is that most who move here are forced to do so as a direct result of US POLICY. in particular US CORPORATIONS who oppress the Mexican market and workforce.

They tell you that the Mexicans are a problem so that OUR POLICE will ship them back to Mexico to continue to be part of the workforce that they exploit.

We are far more likely to NEVER be a victim of any crime. And even those of us who’ll be a victim of a crime are VERY UNLIKELY to be attacked by an immigrant.

It’s a bogeyman they’ve created. They have slapped a mask on that population and made you fear them when there is NO justifiable reason to do so.


That march was in opposition of what he stands for: white male privilege to abuse at will with little risk of being reprimanded or given the same punishment as any one else.

and it’s not just about grabbing pussies. It’s about our free rights to seek healthcare where we want to, to choose what to do with our own bodies, to protect our natural environment so that we can live with less risk of disease and cancer, to ensure continued access to education and opportunity.

Pussy was only a metaphor for everything he is willing to violate in his term as president.

and no matter what kind of way you feel about it or speak about it… he is not protecting your rights. He only cares about his own pockets and will violate any one to get what he’s after, including you.


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