When Art PREDICTS Life: Trump and Zaphod are too much alike

Whoops. Too latesome of you already did.

Fans of “Hitchhiker’s Guide” are probably already laughing. If you’ve never heard of the books, radio show, or film, here’s a quick summary.

In the film, the galaxy’s new president is accurately described by one character as, “the dimmest star in several solar systems.” He was opposed by a highly intelligent and qualified person, but somehow … the egotistical, inexperienced, idiot won.

Of course, the people of the galaxy were confused and many thought the vote was being cast for “worst dressed sentient being.” Honest mistake right? (sarcasm should be obvious)

Here’s the 8 things Donald Trump has in common with Zaphod Beeblebrox of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (available on Google Play).


  1. His opponent has a far better command of language ability.


As always Zaphod, your ability to articulatenever ceases to amaze.

  1. He loves hearing about himself and talking about himself

WAIT !!!


  1. He didn’t really want to lead, he just wanted to play and steal


I'm hereby kidnappying myself and I'm taking the shipwith me !!! Whooo Come on.

  1. He’s a misogynist. Then again. he doesn’t respect men either… so it’s beyond misogyny.




  1. He blows up others without a thought


This used to be Earth before Zaphodsigned the order to demolish it.Which particle are you- Eh-

  1. He has half of a brain.


Don't leave me here alone.You need me !


  1. With him in the lead, we are dancing dangerously close to “thermonuclear missiles converging with our aircraft.”



  1. And we’d all be better off being led by this guy… MARVIN THE ROBOT FOR PRESIDENT 2020.. wait. Not 2020. NOW !!!

What are you supposed to do if youare a manicallydepressed robot-


Only one major difference… Zaphod was actually fun to look at.




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