Diagnose Your Chakras

Mental health awareness for the general population is often overlooked for the more severe instances or until one of us truly SNAPS.

This is something you can use to manage your overall mental health by meditating on how your body is telling you what needs attention.

Look over the image below and ask if you’re feeling anything unusual or out of the ordinary. Or maybe it’s a sensation you’ve had before but never figured out. For example, I started getting a random feeling like I had a lump in my throat. Each time it would happen, I thought it felt like a small piece of food was lodged in the upper part of my neck.

Then this happened at least once a week and I started to realize this was a warning of something more.

If you look at the image below, you’ll see that one of the chakras is located at the top of the neck and it’s known as the throat chakra. This chakra connects with our sense of security, expression, and leadership.

For the exercise I meditated on these areas of my life and noticed that I had an increase in demands for my leadership, there were recent discomforts about my security of home,  and there are some concerns I have yet to express to others in my life.

Here’s what works:

By focusing on the PHYSICAL symptoms you notice, you can identify the connected chakra.

By focusing on that chakra, you can identify the social and emotional causes of that physical symptom.

With the causes identified, you can meditate on SOLUTIONS to resolving those concerns OR you can practice mindfully changing your thoughts about them. This is where a counselor or confidante can be helpful. The outsider can actively talk with you and slowly guide your mind into either taking action or shaping a HEALTHIER perspective on the situation.

Step 1: write down the physical symptom or symptoms

Step 2: look at the image and identify the related chakra or chakras

Step 3: meditate on what part of life that chakra is connected to and what may be triggering the related anxiety or stress

Step 4: meditate and/or speak with someone to create an action plan or develop HEALTHIER vocabulary related to those situations causing the stress or anxiety

I’d love to hear from you about your thoughts and how this exercise proved helpful.

As always my Loves, Peace, Salam, Om ❤




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