If I Said… Would You Understand?

(originally written June 27, 2010)

if I said the dance of the candle flame reminded me of the movements of spirits
and the melody made by the rainfall was as the song they sing as they dance
they paint their colors across the air waiting for our eyes to capture
the reflections like eternity painted on the roof of the water…

if I said that I can see the colors drifting from the end of the flute
and radiating from the drum masters hands as his rhythm speaks
a language the spirit receives even when the physical does not…

If I said all these things and so much more…
would you understand the truth I speak?
Or does this confuse you?
I wonder.

Rumi have I made you proud?
Yes, but I know the message is not complete.
And I am but one small messenger in a chain of
discourse stretching on for millennia …
and in this time and space…
it is mine to receive and deliver…
the melody of us, is a web of ribbon
floating imperceptibly to the eyes of those who are trapped…
but the image is liberating for those who perceive…

I hold the pen and lift my voice…
it is my choice
that ties me to you…
my choice to speak just as did you…

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