The power of a child’s imagination

This conversation took place in May 2014, between my daughter in the middle and Imani, who is seen to the right in the back .

myrie and friendsThis was the beginning of what became my daughter’s first close friendship. It has lasted for 3 years, and though now her family is moving to Baltimore I pray that they can remain in contact at least a few times a year. But whether that happens or not… they were a part of shaping each other’s development and creating a bond of unity and support early on in life. May they spread that experience in every friendship they experience ❤


Coolest Convo of the Day: (Myrie & her friend Imani)
Myrie: Let’s be sisters!!!
Imani: Yes! And we’ll fight dragons together !!!
Myrie & Imani: Wooo hoooo !!! *running around the room with their “soldier fists” in the air*


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