the reasons

the reasons that we’re here

is nothing like Earth Wind and Fire’s angellic vocals declared

It’s not just the steps we take toward love

to emerge as a pair instead of solo as we entered this space

we are not sent here just to find one


We are meant to create braids of love and respect

develop bonds like Persian rugs

like military grade strands that hold life together

above the flames and floods


Love, never get it twisted

“her mission” is the greatest love she’s ever had

and to which she is eternally devoted

and she longs for accomplice but the progression of her mission

has never halted, whether there were 100, 2 or zero

by her side

she is caught onto God’s waves

in this starlight ocean we are all flowing

and she stopped long ago fighting the currents

she carries that peaceful knowing that her motions are the dance steps

but He the Spirit is the rhythm and she responds to His love letter

every day


so you can flow with her, but be sure you’re adding to her motions

be void of chaos,

be diligent, independent and a lover of wise decisions

be realistic and wise

her love will never end,

but her allies are those who can catch the beat

and move in sync with her bounce



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