Why one man stopped using the N word

Here’s a quote from  his article:

“I write only to summon the words of former enslaved people from beyond the grave to express that “nigger” is haunted by the ghosts of hate and the more spiritually chilling ghosts of self-hate.”

Read the rest of the article at this link:


In this article he gives a history of this word through the narratives of black men and women who lived in the aftermath of the Civil War. It is a chilling account of how this word started as outside abuse to internal and even self abuse.

As he says, he’s not trying to kill the word or demand that others stop using it. He’s only hoping to share the background of the word so that others can at least better understand how it was a result of massive psychological terrorism and it is a remnant of that.

I suggest reading the article to hear from him the clear explanation and the words of those men and women long ago.



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