My Eyes See

(originally written 5/18/2014)

Fortune teller daze

staring blankly into distances past physical existence

the world spins

time she wraps her way around me

windows open and their air

mixes and confuses


Clearing these tears away

it’s these dancing auras of possibilities

from this moment of present this now thing

that we understand that the power breathes

the paths ever remain

their promise is

what ever wishes we breathe life into

will be what we receive

if only we could unshackle our spirits from the misery

we’ve been force-fed

like stanky green bean baby food

saying we are limited, only human, only so powerful as the powers that be will allow

shiiiiiiiit… they’re only as human as we

and no better than

history lays claim to foundation we stand upon the legacy of the greatest

facing tragedy, mountainous obstacles

yet they faced it all, and chose to rise above

choice is freedom

so Im vomiting that shit back up and taking in only freedom

only truth

only clarity

we are power

and the path bends to our will

*written while listening to Mr. Mista by Nesian Mystic*


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