My Prayer from 2010

I wanted to save this prayer here as a reminder to myself and others who may also need these same words.


God help me to handle all of these blessings that you are sending. My head is spinning from the compilation of all that you are sending to me.

Give me the courage to face the challenge, the skills and focus to see it all to completion and growth, the patience and peace to take my time to do it correctly according to ur will,

and the wisdom to recognize the people who are doing ur work and those who are working against you and the wisdoem to see and hear your guidance. And show me the way and help me on the way to working and finding success in your work despite those who would work against you. And if you can use me to take their actions adn their work and use it for you, then please do. God help me to handle the information and the intensity of all of this.

Protect my physical and mental and spiritual. Adam and Eve showed us what happens when too much knowledge is placed on our physical form. They were not ready for it. So please protect my health so that i have the energy and vigor and youth to continue on this path.

Your will be done.



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