I feel you

(originally written May 16 2010)

I feel you like the wind wrapping its translucent fingers through my strands
and pulling tight like a lover trying to keep
his depth of penetration
consistently bending my walls that close just as tight in return
to his determination …
I feel you like the liquid depths of the sea consuming me in one leap from the shore line
I dive into you and lose myself inside…
I find peace within and lay watching the sparkling
river of moonlight drifting like ribbons carried by the breeze…
and I breathe… like the water is my air… I evolve within your nature…
because “you make me feel like a natural woman… “

I feel you like the kiss of cool amaretto on my lips…
liquid sugar that hangs to my skin
and I indulge myself by tasting its residue …
just like reminiscent lingerings that I indulge in
between the times that you and I come together.
I feel you …
Yes I feel you… I do.


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