4 Heartless Horsemen (Take Em Down Nola Response)

come to the altar of the great universal temple

here where salt waters drained the flowers of God’s people and met Red Seas pooling beneath fallen knees

as Spirit warriors dangled strangled with burning hatred into the open wounds of these beautiful minds

These were the times over which Davis, Jackson, Lee, and Beauregard presided

when the stench of Hell’s gates followed white feet onto grassy plains and inside darkened bed chambers and entering their bacteria into the passageways where only love and life belong

this stench that tattooed it’s aftermath onto the backs of brothers and sisters stolen from homelands

these 4 heartless horsemen placed in places of honor to the worst 300 years of humanity’s time in this space

But some say … denouncing these kings of murder and carnage is a wound to their innermost sense of history

So next time I blame YOU for the abuse and murder of ancestors don’t deny what you’ve already admitted

You admire these 4 doomsday bringers… the pale horse riders straight out of Revelations

Here in this open air universal temple we tear their hatred down and hear the chorus of thousands and millions earthquaking over this apex of connection

where the watery and earthen graves meet

Ancestor voices serenade the present as night falls on the city and another heartless horsemen is crucified

in order that we, in the present may rise


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