We are adventurers in this life…

Untitled design (3)


If life is like a marathon or safari into deep jungle terrain or perhaps the treacherous but majestic journey into mountain range,

then how far we travel depends on our speed just as much as the number of days we are given to proceed

Since tomorrow is never a guarantee, I’ve been setting this steady pace upward

When barriers occurred or some obstacle was found, those were the only moments I slowed down

I’ve taken notes as I moved, and breathed in the brilliance of these views

My goal is to ascend heights and prove these supposed barriers are not as nefarious as they’re painted to be

In fact they’re really illusionary and weak like Freddie Kruger to those able to perceive

I’ve got one question before you try to run by my side

are you sure you can keep up with my stride?


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