Spare the Truth, Spoil the Child: I cried inspired Moma tears when my daughter emailed me this

the above was the subject of her email

Over these past 10 years, I have not hid the truth from her of the struggle. I didn’t let her see me fall to pieces, and certain facts or ridiculous things were not explained to her.

But I did not hide the struggle from her. I was honest about the following:

  1. what we did or did not have

  2. why we did or did not have these things

  3. what it was going to take to get the things we want achieved

and I let her witness much of the actions taken toward growth. Also I didn’t hide the fact that some challenges happened and that they affected me. I told her that no matter what comes at you, vent it out, then replace it with positive. Speak about 3 things you have that empower you.

Then, figure out HOW to get to the goal despite the challenge that arose.

In doing that I hoped that she would appreciate the value of strong work ethic and develop an appreciation for drive and determination.

This email, highlighted in the image above, proved to me that YES INDEED she had learned these exact things. ❤

Conscious parenting produces EMPOWERED kids



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