You won’t care until it hits you in the nuts

DISCLAIMER: This entry is uncensored. You’ve been warned.

It’s despicable no matter who is disrespecting others like this, but it’s even worse when a man who is raising 2 daughters does this.

What does it benefit you to insult this woman? How does her feeling beautiful hurt you? That’s my question. Shit like this is shared by too damn many people like it’s a f***ing joke to put someone on blast like this because you don’t like the way she looks.

And when a man raising daughter’s does it, it pisses me off even more. When a woman raising sons posts things that attack manhood, it pisses me off.

Just because you see your daughter and son as beautiful and worthy of respect, does not mean others do. And by posting bull shit like this that demeans others for no damn good reason, you are adding to the culture that will at some point piss all over your child’s self image.

I blotted out her face because that’s another issue. This woman is now featured in an image for ridicule and SHE IS A HUMAN STILL LIVING HER LIFE !!!

Just like those damn fight videos some of yall thought were so damn funny, this shit is not funny. Getting laughs off the suffering of homeless men paid to fight is SICK and VILE.

You can feel like this image is funny. If you saw her in public and laughed because you had your own personal feelings about her look, that’s fine too. BUT THIS SHIT… sharing her face and body with the world…

just like any other form of oppression… you think it’s all good until it hits you and yours in the nuts

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