What Level of Crazy?

.. crazy is a blanket term used to describe any thing that opposes the so-called “norms”
… 1st crazy: people who live in a more free spirited manner OR live in some sort of unique way (these people know they are different and they’re good with that)
… 2nd crazy: people who just do stupid ish in response to not getting their way, but who are able to maintain a home so they are “functioning” just not quite stable
.. 3rd crazy: people who can’t function in society (these are the folks who sometimes end up on meds or in hospitals)
… I LOVE people in the 1st crazy, cause that’s me too… but i CANNOT deal with those in 2nd and 3rd level of crazy… If people seem to get distant and you don’t know why, check and see if you didn’t do something that might be 2nd or 3rd level crazy


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