You calling this artist moody cause you don’t get it … yet

I’m moody

not because of arrogance or selfishness.

I’m moody when my spirit is on edge or poised tediously at the edge of a cliff waiting for my wings to catch the winds

and create

I’ll try to create a visual to help you understand … when the universe or God or whatever you call it sends a message for the artist …

it’s like struggling to hear a whisper and if the environment is crowded and buzzing you get frustrated and edgy and… yea “edgy” literally fits even better considering the image of the cliff’s edge…

leaning forward, toes sliding in the tiny rough pebbles and crunch of soil…

and sometimes it’s not a whisper but a passing butterfly or bird that will only give you the blessing of landing so you can learn and transmit the message IF and ONLY IF you are still and TUNED IN

so you see a moody artist/ writer/ activist/ musician etc… but if you look a little closer

you’ll see A SEEKER, a lover, a transmitter searching the airwaves for the message in the winds before it passes by never to return again


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