“Moksha” – liberation through knowledge

(originally written 4/27/2010)

Buddha teaches Moksha
which means “liberation through knowledge”
liberation because it is only the ignorant who can be controlled
held down beneath the waters gasping and groaning,
never knowing the identity of the enemy
the ignorant choose to scarch and claw at the victim sharing in their tragedy
most only narrowly escape death
barely receiving one breath to sustain
but even that one act of breathing brings a stinging pain
liberation through knowledge

knowledge used to be easy to restrain
and hold back
back in 1959 when all the masses could hope to know
was what the powers that be allowed others to show
today mass media outlets have been transformed
facebook, youtube, google and yahoo
all the answers wait for you on a digital network
connecting you and me to every soul on earth
an eye witness can be found
for any madness that goes down
liberation through knowledge

so are you feeling liberated yet?
then take a pen and pad to get the message
or maybe let me slow down
so you can absorb it.
Your freedom is not possible without knowledge
you must understand this…
knowledge is the word
and the word is God
and God is the only passage to freedom…
To pursue knowledge is the purpose of your existence…
now tell me … do yall think I made sense?

If you remember one line
hold on this piece of my message
liberation is only found through knowledge…


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