Do you have the right to tell someone else how to be?

The world would be so beautiful if everyone’s personal freedoms were respected. But some people think they have the right to impose on others.

Here’s how to decide if you or someone else is permitted to say or do anything in response to someone else’s personal choices:


. if you… ever find yourself… COMPLAINing about how someone else speaks, dresses, or believes spiritually … did you ever stop to ask “why”

When you take time out your life to look down on OR EVEN joke about the lifestyle of another person… You are WASTING your moments on HATE

It makes not a damn bit of difference to me or you how any one else leads their life, so long as they are not physically attacking you or someone else… PLEASE SHARE with any racist, bigoted or even just “prejudiced” person you know


You do not have the right to tell any one where to go, how to dress, love, eat or act. You do have the right to move yourself. You can choose who to connect with and how you connect with them, but it is not your place to tell any one anything negative about their personal choices.

Of course some one will say, “what if I feel like someone should do better?”

Stop. Better how? Are they endangering themselves? If yes, then you can speak OUT OF LOVE, not out of spite. But if they don’t want to change, you can’t force them and it’s not your place to.

If they are not endangering their self, are they endangering someone else? or harassing someone else? Then YES, intervene on behalf of the person at risk.

Is this person connected to you in some type of way? Does this choice affect you in some type of way? If yes, then you can tell them how you feel, and then based on their choice, you get to decide how to be connected to them in the future.

The point is, if someone is in danger, you can step in. If the person is only a danger to themselves, you can say something but you must recognize, it’s their choice in the end.

AND IF this person is connected to you and you feel they are making a choice that hinders you or your partnership, then yes, you should speak on it. Again, it’s their choice whether or not to do something differently. If they don’t, then your only choice is to choose to stay connected or not, and to choose how you are connected.



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